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Cameron Hughes is a software epistemologist for Ctest

Laboratories where his current efforts involve AIR (artificial

intelligence for robots) and AIM (artificial intelligence for

machines). He is also a professional software developer with

many years of experience in designing and building complex

systems of all sizes from small embedded real-time systems

to massively parallel AI applications. He also holds a post as

a staff programmer/analyst at Youngstown State University.

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Tracey Hughes is a senior software and graphics

programmer at Ctest Laboratories where she develops user

interfaces and information and epistemic visualization

software systems. She is on the design and implementation

teams for the East-Sidaz robots at Ctest. Her work includes

methods of visualizing what robots and computers are


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Both Cameron and Tracey Hughes are longtime robot enthusiasts with a collection of more than 100 robots. They are board members of the NREF (National Robotics Education Foundation) and members of the Oak Hill Collaborative Robotics Maker Space. They are project leaders of the technical team for the NEOACM CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge and regularly organize and direct robot programming workshops for the Arduino, Mindstorms EV3, LEGO NXT, and RS Media robot platforms. Cameron and Tracey are the authors of Build Your Own Teams of Robots with LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT and Bluetooth co-authored with Dr. Bob Kramer and Trevor Watkins and published by McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, January 2013. They’ve also written books on software development; multicore, multithreaded programming; Linux rapid application development; object-oriented programming; and parallel programming in C++.