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     Who This  Book is  For

The  ideas and concepts presented in this book  are for the most part  applicable to all of the major robot kits available today.  Any robot kit that supports Bluetooth and Java, NXC, LabView, or NXTG can be used  to build the projects that we present in this book.  We chose  NXT Mindstorms  and Tetrix  to implement the projects in this book, because  NXT Mindstorms is one of the  most widely used  and well known robot kits available.  It's relative low  cost and the wide availability of  add on sensors made it an easy choice  for this book.  Because we present the concepts and techniques  in this book from   beginning  design to final detailed  implementation,  users  of other robot kits such as Vex or  Arduino-based robots can follow along  with the projects in this book.  But in order to take full advantage of all of the examples, the reader  should be familiar  with  and have access to  a couple of  NXT  Mindstorms/Tetrix  robot kits.


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PUBLICATION DATE:  February 22, 2013

PUBLISHER:  McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

AUTHORS: Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Bob Kramer,

Trevor Watkins

# OF PAGES: 400

ISBN-10: 0071798560

ISBN-13: 978-0071798563



Bluetooth communications protocol in NXT-G, NXC, LabView, and Java; Sending and receiving Bluetooth messages, data, and commands among robots, between a robot and a computer, and between an Android smart phone and a robot.