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      Robot Skill Level Needed

Since the majority of the robots implemented in this book are simple designs, the reader does not have to be an advanced robot engineer.  But the reader is assumed to have some experience in building and programming robots with a particular emphasis on NXT Mindstorms-based robots.  This book is not an introduction to robot building.  Robot enthusiasts, hobbyists, robotics majors, computer science majors, and those involved in robotics competitions will find the concepts and techniques presented in this book indispensable.  Anyone that needs to build a robotic application that requires communication and cooperation among two or more robots will find this book a valuable resource.

The robot teams you will learn how to build and program are:

   Crime Scene Investigation,
   Robot Convoy
   Rubik's Cube Solver
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PUBLICATION DATE:  February 22, 2013

PUBLISHER:  McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

AUTHORS: Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Bob Kramer,

Trevor Watkins

# OF PAGES: 400

ISBN-10: 0071798560

ISBN-13: 978-0071798563



Bluetooth communications protocol in NXT-G, NXC, LabView, and Java; Sending and receiving Bluetooth messages, data, and commands among robots, between a robot and a computer, and between an Android smart phone and a robot.