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PUBLICATION DATE:  February 22, 2013

PUBLISHER:  McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics


Using Bluetooth, coordination, and agent-based techniques to create a team of robots; sending and receiving Bluetooth messages, data, and commands among robots, between a robot and a computer, and between an Android smart phone and a robot.

   Does Networked Robots Equal Robot Teamwork?

Two or three connected  NXT micro-controllers  do make a network.  But does a network automatically mean we have a team?  Unfortunately not.   If only making the Bluetooth connection did produce a team,  life would be so much easier.   In our case the Bluetooth connection is what makes a network of robots possible and the network is what makes a team possible.   You can have a network with no teamwork.  Teamwork is the result of organizing  and coordinating the team members to accomplish some task together. 

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