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   Basic BRON Approach

The basic BRON approach is with little or no change you can construct a team of robots/devices to do things collectively that individually they could not do by:

   Using existing robots by taking advantage of the   

             Bluetooth communications capabilities of the NXT


   Adding  team-mode modules to your already existing


   Including team-mode modules in the design of any new

             robots that you will be building.

We approach with dread the mere idea of having to re-program our robots or tear them down and start over just to get a little more functionality.  Of course we will recommend  that when you are in the design phase of your robotic creation to add a team mode  just in case your robot may be invited  or drafted  to work on some robotic team.   That's the most flexible design approach.  We'll show you object-oriented techniques, and agent-oriented techniques  to accomplish these kinds of robot  creations.  However, if your robot  has already been built and already programmed, then we will be recommending techniques that will attempt to minimize  any change to existing code in order to take advantage of  the teamwork techniques and the Bluetooth communications capabilities.  Remember  every device that speaks  a compatible dialect of  Bluetooth  is a potential team member in the BRON  and that device brings all of its capabilities and strengths  to  a potential  BRON  team. 



PUBLICATION DATE:  February 22, 2013

PUBLISHER:  McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics


Using Bluetooth, coordination, and agent-based techniques to create a team of robots; sending and receiving Bluetooth messages, data, and commands among robots, between a robot and a computer, and between an Android smart phone and a robot.

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