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                              OUR SARAA APPROACH

                              Our approach is to instruct a                 

                              robot to execute tasks

                              autonomously by using deliberative, scenario-based programming techniques. This is called SARAA (Safe Autonomous Robot Application Architecture). In addition to being concerned with how to represent the list of instructions to the robot, these approaches focus on:

  How to represent the robot’s physical

    environment within the robot’s programming

  How to represent the scenario the robot is in

    within the robot’s programming

  How to code the robot’s role and actions within

    the scenario

We use object-oriented and agent-oriented programming techniques as a starting point to address each of the preceding focus areas. We

emphasized robot autonomy only within well-understood and predefined scenarios. In particular, we avoided the notion of attempting to program a robot to act autonomously in an environment unknown to the robot and unknown to the

programmer. The concept of programming a robot to execute tasks autonomously has its own set of challenges without complicating matters by adding