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BR-1: Birthday Party Scenario

BR-1, in a Birthday Party Scenario, wait until singing begins, then travel to birthday cake table and light the candles on the cake. Then, travel back the original location.

BR-1, wait until party is over and remove dishes from cake table. When complete, travel back to original location.

BR-3: Birthday Party Guest Welcoming Scenario

BR-3, in a Birthday Party Scenario, if the Doorbell rings, then travel to door and open it. Wait 5 seconds. If the guest(s) enters, then say “Welcome” and close the door. If the guest(s) do not enter, wait 5 more seconds before repeating. 

UNIT2: Tracking Colored Objects Scenario

UNIT2, track a blue object and wave your left arm. Track a green object and and wave he right arm. Track a red object and turn right and turn left.

UNIT1 & UNIT2: Midamba’s Predicament Scenario

Using UNIT1 and UNIT2 robots in the facility, scan the facility and return an inventory of the containers that are found. Determine whether any of the containers hold substances that can be used to neutralize and clean the kind of corrosion that can occur with alkaline or nickel-based batteries. If such

a container is found, retrieve it and return it to me.