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Although Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots does not assume that you have any previous experience programming robots, to get the most out the book it is assumed that you are familiar with basic programming techniques in standard programming languages such as Java or C++. While the book does present all the final robot programs in Java or C++, the basic robot instruction techniques and concepts are presented with diagrams or plain English first. The book also introduces you to approaches to program design, planning, and analysis such as RSVP (Robot Scenario Visual Planning) and REQUIRE (Robot Effectiveness Quotient Used in Real Environments) .

Boot Camp Fundamentals

Five basic questions must be answered prior to any attempt to program a robot:

1. What type of robot is being considered?

2. What is the robot going to do?

3. Where is the robot going to do it?

4. How is the robot going to do it?

  1. 5.How will the robot be programmed?

Many beginner and would-be robot programmers fail to

answer these basic questions and end up with less than

successful robot projects. Having the answers to these

fundamental questions is the first step in the process of

getting any kind of robot to execute the assigned task.

In Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous Robots, we demonstrate how these questions and their answers are used to organize a step-by-step approach to successfully instructing a robot to autonomously carry out a set of tasks.



The autonomous robot group represents the kind of robot that does not require a human operator. Instead, the robot accesses a set of instructions and carries them out autonomously without intervention or interruption from a remote control.

In this book, we focus on the autonomous group of robot operations and robot programming. Although we

often discuss, explain, and contrast telerobots and autonomous robots, our primary focus is on introducing you to the basic concepts of programming a robot to operate and execute assigned tasks autonomously.